About Pepolino

“Pepolino is a variety of thyme that grows wild in Tuscany," say Patrizio Siddu and Enzo Pezone, when asked why they named their Manhattan restaurant, Pepolino. "We wanted the name of our restaurant to reflect our cooking style. We use a lot of herbs in our dishes, and pepolino is our favorite one."

In August 1999, Patrizio Siddu and Enzo Pezone opened the doors of Pepolino, and thrilled guests with elegant Tuscan cuisine. Signature dishes run the gamut from "tagliata di manzo", cannellini and rosemary to a sumptuous pear-ricotta tart.

Chef Patrizio Siddu

After graduating from culinary school, Florentine-born Patrizio got his hands-on start in the food business cooking for famous Italian restaurants like Cibreo, one of Florence's most renowned restaurants, under the legendary chef and proprietor Fabio Picchi, and the Michelin one-star Cantina Barbagianni.

In 1995, Patrizio hopped on a plane and made New York City his new home. After two and a half years behind the stoves at Manhattan's Savore and a brief stint at Pier 59 Studios at the Chelsea Piers, Patrizio was ready to turn his dream into a reality and open Pepolino Restaurant.

Chef Enzo Pezone

Enzo Pezone was born in Parete, Italy. At age 15 he picked up and moved to Florence, where he started in training in the culinary arts. After a five- year education, he was hired by Fabio Picchi and Benedetta Vitali of Cibreo restaurant in Florence, where he continued learning under their tutelage for 14 years.


The experience helped shape his pursuit of opening a restaurant of his own. In 1994, the dream carried him across the Atlantic Ocean to America. Enzo worked at various establishments for five years, learning about the American restaurant business, before opening Pepolino.

"Tuscan extra virgin olive oil and thyme, is the secret of our success"